TITAN Realty

Marketing Campaign for our Listings

When you trust us to list your property for sale we go to work immediately with our focus on obtaining the highest possible sales price, while making the process as painless as possible. That is our Pledge!
  • We are members of MLS (Multiple Listing Service) and have access to properties in the Counties of: San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Alameda, Contra Costa, Sonoma, Solano, and Marin. Membership in the MLS is the most important marketing tool because it allows all agents to see your listing and match it with any potential buyers they may have. However, in addition to local MLS, and with your permission, your property may be listed on Craigslist and possibly other internet sites.

  • If permitted, we hold the property for Open House; especially for the first two or three weekends when interest is usually the highest.

  • The Supra© Lockbox (Keysafe) allows cooperating agents to show your property at the convenience of their buyers schedule without the need to coordinate appointments with us or with you. The Supra© Lockbox holds the key to your property, and is only available to licensed agents. Every time, the key is released, the system records the agent who accessed it with the date and time of access. The Supra© Lockbox may also be time-restricted to allow access only for specific hours. Recently we have found that some of our clients prefer to show the property themselves when they are at home but put the Supra© Lockbox outside when they expect someone to show the property and rather not be there themselves. The lockbox increases marketability because most agents would rather not have to coordinate an appointment with multiple parties and prefer the flexibility to show the property in their own pace without feeling pressure. For some properties we can also place a combination lockbox. Although we find the lockbox to be an excellent marketing tool, it's optional depending on how comfortable our clients feel about it.

  • Property Information Flyers: We prepare Printed and Online flyers for the open house and for interested buyers.

  • Our Bright Red Sign stands out to attract potential buyers and agents as they walk or drive in your neighborhood. If however, you prefer privacy or if you still reside in the property, you may opt-out from a sign.

  • Our Market comparable sales report will show you recent sales in your neighborhood to help you determine a fair market price for your property. We do however suggest that you employ the services of an independent licensed appraiser. In recent markets, the listing price often "corrects" itself. That means that a property with a low asking price will most likely attract more buyers and often overbids higher than the asking price. On the other hand, an overpriced listing may be bypassed for another alternative.

  • Our TITAN sellers guide includes everything you need to help you understand the selling process.  It includes our checklist with recommendations how to make your home look better for the buyers' eyes and a checklist of things you need to take care of before you move. It also includes your Property Profile and a guide of how to price your house right for the highest sales price.

  • Our Network of Related Service Providers can refer you to services that you may need; from updating ideas to maximize sales price at minimal cost (highest return for your money), advice on staging, to moving companies and others. All of our referrals have been previously proven to us and come with high recommendations. However, it's always advisable that you do your own research because we cannot always guarantee the services of 3rd party companies.

  • All of our Documents and Forms combine expertise from real estate organizations, attorneys, associations, and specialists and are designed to protect all of our clients from risk. In addition, we cooperate with other agents to include forms that they may have to solidify the safety and compliance of the transaction for reduced legal exposure.

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